BSP Books – Coming Soon!

I’m delighted to announce that today I signed a contract to write for CoachesEdge Technologies, and create some iBooks for them.


This marks a large step up for me personally as a coach, and I may possibly be the first British coach to write an American Football book (although I’d need to look into that claim) based on fundamental technique play.

My first iBook will build on the success of this blog, and focus on Offensive Line play, and will include diagrams, drill clips and game videos.

My second book will focus more on some of the innovations we have created in Europe to allow us to turn out a high end product on the field, with only a fraction of the time available that college and high school teams have.

After that, who knows.

Have a look at the current range of CoachesEdge Technologies book here ( They truly are a step forward in coaching resources, and aid in learning.

I’d like to thank you all for your support to me and the blog, I hope to continue putting articles and posts up here as and when I get a chance to write them, but my focus for the next month or so will very much be on the book.

Thanks again for the support, I’ll be posting again before you know it.



What were here for!

Hey all!

I’ve created this site as a way of sharing my knowledge, and others, about the offensive line, the most important position in American Football.

You’ll notice I said American Football there, that’s because I’m based in the UK. This doesn’t make me any less passionate about American Football, it just means I haven’t been afforded some of the opportunities that Americans get when it comes to making a career out of coaching or playing.

This will take some time to get going and share. I’ll ask some of my favourite Offensive Line coaches and guru’s to write or share some articles about deepest and darkest secrets of OL play, some of the common Every Day Drills (EDD’s) that I think will give you a competitive edge as an OL, and go through some of the X & O’s as it relates to Offensive Line.

I’m aiming to have an article posted up in the month or so on the Inside Zone, and how I teach it to my OL, and some of the key teaching points I’ve come across along the way.

Until Then……